Great Barrier Reef liveaboard



– MV Reef Encounter: The Three Day Weekend Diving Getaway

A Three Day week end and diving or snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef what could possibly be better. It does not even have to be a week end any three days will do. A two night three day scuba diving Liveaboard is an ideal length for those who have a mini-vacation planned, some spare time on a business trip or as an element for a longer vacation. The MV Reef Encounter can even be joined on any day of the week, no need for you to wait until a sailing day. The Reef Encounter stay most her time out on the outer reefs and guest are brought to her by the MV Reef Experience, a Daily dive vessel.

MV Reef Encounter- Award-Winning Floating Boutique Hotel

While as a diver we might want to stay underwater for the entire three days, we know that the laws of physics and the physical exertion required for even a tranquil dive will not allow that to happen. With the majority of our time being above the surface, then the comfort of the Liveaboard is a consideration that needs to be examined. MV Reef Encounter is more than just comfortable. She has a relax luxury feel to her like a fine boutique hotel. There are twenty-one ocean-view staterooms each luxuriously finished with either a double bed or a set of twin beds, an unobstructed view of the Great Barrier Reef and with en-suite facilities. It may seem odd to mention further that there are unlimited hot showers, you would expect that in a fine hotel, however, it is not always possible on a boat due to fresh water storage limits. The Reef Encounter has an on-board desalination plant that create as much fresh water as the guest may need. The Main deck has a large central enclosed and air conditioned common area. A portion of this area is set up for the dinning, while there is also an area for relaxing and even a bar for after the diving and swimming is over for the day. The chef on-board creates tasty and nutritious meals that would challenge most land based resorts.

How About Those Who Are Not Certified Divers?

The thrill and peaceful tranquility of staying overnight on the Great Barrier Reef is something special, whether you are a scuba diver or not. Many people who go to an ocean front tropical resort spend some of their time pool side, maybe working on a tan or reading that book they have been wanting to finish for a long time. On The MV Reef Encounter, you have the sun deck overlooking the clear smooth waters of the Great Barrier reef, sure beats a swimming pool. If you would like a dip in the pool, there are five water sessions a day where you can go snorkeling. For those that getting in the water is not their thing, well the Reef Encounter has a glass bottom boat. Just ask a member of the crew and they will arrange it for you. It gives you a great look at what is under the surface.  Each guest who is not a certified diver is also entitled to one resort dive. This is a short theory lesson, followed by some skill practices and then with your instructor it is off to experience the undersea world as a scuba diver. The only difference between your resort dive and the one the certified diver is doing is that you perhaps not go as deep and your instructor is always within arms reach.

Diving The Great Barrier Reef

The MV Reef Encounter opens the Outer Barrier Reefs to Scuba divers. Each day the captain and the dive crew will select the best sites considering the tides, weather and other relevant factors.  The MV Reef Encounter will visit two or three reefs each day. All the sites that they have to select from have options that will satisfy all levels of divers and snorkelers. On your day of arrival you will reach the MV Reef Encounter before 10 am. There will be a short vessel orientation and safety briefing before you settle into your stateroom. Before lunch their will be time for a snorkeling session if you wish. After lunch will be a general dive procedure brief and a site briefing and you can dive your first of two possible afternoon dives. After your dinner, you may join for a twilight night dive on the reef. Night diving in general and especially on the Great Barrier Reef is an exciting dive, you will be amazed at the activity at night and how much different, especially how much more colorful, everything is at night.

The second day on the reef gives you the opportunity to dive four times. The first possible dive is a sunrise. A sunrise dive is breath taking beautiful and the marine life at its fullest. After Breakfast are two more morning sessions. After lunch the schedule is the same as your first day, two afternoon sessions and a twilight dive. For safety reasons, only four dives a day are allowed so plan which ones you will skip.

Your last day starts the morning off just like the previous day with three morning sessions. As you will depart in the mid afternoon the first session after lunch is available for snorkeling only. Around 2:30 your ride, the MV Reef Experience, will pick you up for your return to the mainland.

A Great Barrier Reef liveaboard – Sounds like a perfect way to enjoy three days