Night diving offers a truly amazing experience that’s far different than diving during the day. You can dive the same location time and time again during they day, and then dive the same location at night to see a completely different underwater world than you’ve ever seen before.
When scuba diving at night, the reef truly comes alive to many different marine creatures that you simply don’t see during the day.


As you descend into the darkness, you’ll find it’s often more relaxing than diving during daylight. Just as with land creatures, the ocean is home to nocturnal marine life. So, when the daytime marine life hideaway for the night, the nighttime fish and marine life come out.
You’ll swim with crabs, lobsters, shrimp and even octopi. Plus, you’ll witness coral feedings and swim freely with hunting sharks and barracuda.


With night scuba diving, you’ll get a one of a kind show put on by nature as there are organisms that even glow in the dark, lighting up the night waters like you’ve never seen before.
Explore the dark coral blooms as the nutrients of the water are absorbed, creating a beautiful sight.


To see the thousands of marine animals that are too shy to come out during the day, you have many night diving tour options. No matter the night scuba diving package you choose, you’re likely to see the nocturnal dog face, sleeping sea turtles, clown fish, reef sharks and much more.


To experience the more mysterious side of the Great Barrier Reef, scuba diving at night is the perfect option. The beauty of the reef isn’t compromised just because it’s during the night. In fact, many rave diving at night is the best way to explore the reef.


There are a number of night diving options to meet your needs, even on a budget. You can book liveaboard trips to find adventure in the reef below at night and during the day. Or, book a tour with a luxury vessel for a multi-day diving cruise. You’ll benefit from multiple dives during the day and night with all of the comforts of a top hotel right onboard the boat.


Dive into the striking underwater world teeming with life while under the moon light. To experience the diversity and splendor of the largest reef system in the world at night, book your night diving vacation today!