Snorkeling Cairns explore the Great Barrier Reef.

The port of Cairns offers a great variety of day snorkelling tours for everyone, from complete beginners to experienced snorkelers. Cairns provides a wide selection of snorkelling tours, including pontoon tours that offer additional reef viewing options such as glass-bottom boat tours, semi-submersible submarine tours, and underwater observatories to see the Great Barrier Reef’s colourful corals and vibrant marine life.

Cairns Day Tours

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Tour Options

You can choose from island or cay tours that visit sand cays or islands on the Great Barrier Reef, sailing tours that carry you out to the reef for those who enjoy sailing, as well as motorised catamaran tours for more adventurous types, experienced snorkelers, or those who want to maximise their time spent on the reef.

Expert Guidance

With so many Cairns snorkelling tours, you may need help choosing which tour will work best for you. If you require recommendations or advice specific to your needs, why not ask one of our friendly sales staff? We can help you choose the perfect Reef tour tailored to your preferences.

Expert Advice for Your Adventure

Our friendly team is here to assist you in selecting the ideal snorkelling tour for your preferences and experience level. Whether you’re a first-time snorkeler or an avid explorer of the underwater world, we can provide personalised recommendations to ensure an unforgettable reef experience.

Tailored Recommendations

By understanding your interests and requirements, we can suggest the best tour options that align with your expectations. Whether you’re seeking a leisurely day on the water with family or an adrenaline-fueled adventure exploring remote reefs, we’ve got you covered.

Book with Confidence

With our expert guidance and insider knowledge, you can confidently book your snorkelling tour, knowing you’ve chosen the perfect excursion for your Cairns adventure. Let us help you make the most of your time on the Great Barrier Reef!